Miss YumYum is a pleasingly plump, very pretty, easy-going Birman who's simply too sweet for words! Yum is very fond of web design, surfing the net, and....oodles of mice!!

Miss YumYum is currently hard at work on the "The Cat-A-Log." And when she's not working or playing? She daydreams about Clyde...and cooking him a fabulous feast.  Here's Yum modeling one of her favorites, TheCatCo Finicky BBQ Apron from the CatFriend Catalog...it says "You better want fish, fowl or rodent....or we ain't cookin!"

Check out YumYum's work at the Cat-A-Log and email her if you don't see something you'd like.  Miss Yum, as we call her, encourages you to be a good-hearted, true-blue CatFriend in your daily life -- and spread the CatFriend message far and wide!

Miss YumYum's new favorite quote comes from Lesley Anne Ivory, a 21st Century American Artist:

"Cats are glorious creatures who must on no accounts be underestimated."