Say "Oui" to Monsieur Woopee!

Oui is french for "yes." and pronouced like "we."  The word Monsieur is French for "Mr." and pronounced like "meh-SUR." Now you're speaking french!

Mon. Woopee is shown here next to his handy CatFriend Tote says "almost too cool for humans!" and its now available in the CatFriend Catalog.

Mon. Woopee is often known to wear a black beret and have a lady "chat" by his side. ("Chat" is french for "cat" and pronounced like "shoht".) But most of all, Woopee is smart and well read, so he's in charge of our Cat Tales Room, now featuring "The Adventures of a Cat Home Alone." Cat Tales also has cartoons, cat secrets and more!

One of Woopee's favorite quotes comes from Ernest Hemingway, a famous American Author:

"Human Beings,
For one reason or another
May hide their feelings...
But a cat does not!"