In the Red Box, enter the correct French words in all lower case.

Push "How Many Did I Get Right?" only after you've filled in ALL the red boxes.

If you answered any incorrectly, hints will appear in the blue box.

If the hints don't help, push "I Give Up!" for the answers.

Good Luck, or as they say in France, "Bonne Chance!"   (And remember: Put a hyphen or question mark when it's called for.)

    how ya doin?
    thank you
    do you speak english?
    how much is it?

Mes amis, if you feel ready to skip ahead and learn some more on your own, you'll find the "Living Languages" web site very helpful. They even have some wonderful people who will speak french to you. You can also learn German, Italian or Spanish...oh, c'est fantastique!   If you like, put your mouse on me and I'll take you there...but don't worry, The Cat Co. will still be here when you want to come back.

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