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We'll be the first ones to admit that Cats do the darndest things!
See for yourself in this Funny Cats Video!

A man from Anchorage, Alaska, named Bill took this picture in his front yard. He noticed the moose eating his bushes as he looked out his front window, so he got his camera to take a picture. Fluffy, an indoor cat, had also been watching, and when Bill opened the front door, she darted out the door! The moose quickly came over to the cat, and Bill thought he was going to trample Fluffy or worse, but instead they touched noses... and Bill got the picture. What a wonderful world this would be if people could meet in this catFriendly way.

Cats AND their catFriends just love to goof around!

This kitty knows how to stay warm!

"Well, you don't look like a cat...and you don't smell like a cat...but, I think we could be friends anyway."

Good friends can tell each other anything!

...and good friends can totally relax with each other.

And friends take care of each other!

Here we have modest -- but stylish! -- sunbathers.

Gives new meaning to the phrase, "oh, just hanging out around the house."

So you wanna know -- what is this thing we have for sinks?  Well, first off, they're NOT sinks.....they're perfect little cat spas!

Kittens popping up everywhere!

Playing "Kangaroo Mama" with Clyde. He stays in her pocket the whole time she's fixing dinner!

The question of what cats dream about is solved once and for all.

The Bachelor's idea of a Cat Carrier.

This cat's dressed up as
his favorite food -- fish!

They insisted they were cats just out for trick-or-treat, but their meows sounded more "trick" than "treat!"

Um, let's make this very clear:  If you value your life, decorating a cat's rear end is NOT a good idea, even when it's "cat-in-the-hat" cute.

OK, so this is a party-crasher...but he said he's often mistaken for being a cat, so we let him in.

Hot dog...but we LOVE these costumes!  The cats and I voted these our favorite costumes...for a dog anyway.  You see, cats DO have a sense of humour!

It doesn't get better than this.  Got the lazy boy chair with the TV remote and cell phone...all within a paw.   I can do it all, or better yet, nothing at all.

Here's Sammy demonstrating the Kitty-Hokey-Pokey....."You put your left paw in, you put your left paw out, you put your left paw in and you shake it all about..."

A mother's love knows no end.

Here's a home with no kitty-cat (sad, isn't it?), but it sure has one smart and head-strong Mouse!

"Hmpf! I am (sniff) not impressed and not amused."

"Man, when you're really thirsty, there's nothin' like going' to the source."

"Like we said, when you're really thirsty, there's nothin' like going' to the source."

Housebound? No problem.   Domino demonstrates how you can still get that good green, "leafy" fiber into your life.

You might say this cat has a lot of self confidence but we call this a cat with "cattitude!"

"Good grief, this is not what I had in mind when they asked if I liked birds!"

"Whoa, I can't believe I ate the whole thing....I mean, holy cow, I'm so stuffed I can't even move!"


Man, what a day I've had!

"Under the rug, in front of the door....they'll never find me here!"

Here's Noah watching his favorite TV star, Miss Kitty Galore. He's crushing big-time, don't you think?

This is "Arizona Oscar," who actually prefers napping on a hard glass table to the soft plush sofa. They grow 'em tough in the Southwest USA!

OK, guys, enough is's time to go on a diet!

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