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Get good, accurate-- and free -- cat care info on every imaginable subject at the Pet-Doc (formerly called Ani-Med) website, brought to you by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA).

pet-doc, america's most trusted authority on pet care

If you can't adopt a cat right now, how about volunteering a little of that love at a shelter that needs you?  Click on ASPCA's Find A Shelter and get a quick list of shelters in your neighborhood.

find a cat shelter

Help stop the suffering...trap feral cats and have them spayed and neutered...they'll thank you later.

spay, neuter your cat

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Imagine a world where every cat counts...
Adopt-A-Shelter Cat!

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You love cats?  Then share the love!  Click here for Petfinder.org and quickly find the kitten or cat of your dreams...at a shelter in or near your very own zip code!

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