Cats Are #1 With Humans!

Well, It's at the beginning of the 21st century, we cats are now enjoying levels of popularity that we haven't enjoyed since the days of Ancient Egypt (now those were the "good old days").  It's true -- in the Western World at least -- that pet cats have now overtaken dogs as the most popular animals for humans (to try) to own.

The bond between cats and humans is being recognized as a powerful force, even a healing force for you humans as we help lower your blood pressure, soothe your nerves, lift your spirits and generally provide you with companionship and a never-ending source of wonder and awe. It's OK, it's our pleasure, really it is.

And let's face it, we're ideal pets for these modern times. Ah, let us count the ways.....

  • We're compact -- we don't take up too much space, we fit handily into even your smallest apartments.

  • We like to nap a lot, conveniently during the day while you're working or doing whatever to make money to support us (thank you, we really do appreciate all your hard work).

  • We don't have to be taken for walks on rainy days and cold, dark nights cause we can, uh, you know...."go to the bathroom" inside the home, just like you. And let me say right here, you can never clean ours  enough.

  • We're pretty clean, we wash ourselves all over and often.

  • We're highly adaptable except when it comes to the dreaded car ride to the vet.

  • We're easily house-trained.....whoever said you can't train a cat doesn't know beans about cats. I'm a cat and cats can be trained to do something -- if it's something they already had in mind to do anyway. And guess what, we like  being in a house, it's comfortable and safe.

  • We don't bark. Hey, I think that alone puts us head and shoulders above that "other" popular pet.

  • We don't jump up on people, slobber all over them and ruin their clothes when they walk in the door. When it comes to visitors, we generally prefer the wiser, "let's-see-if-they're-worth-knowing" attitude.

  • We're not cheap to own (good heavens I hope not!) but we're reasonably  inexpensive to keep around. There are exceptions, of course, like Miss Bunny who is what I'd call "high maintenance" -- but that's another story.

However wonderful, easy and convenient we are, the commitment that is required in sharing one's home and life with a cat should never be underestimated or forgotton. With that in mind, Cat Knows begins a whole new series called "Take Care of Your Cat."

I'll be dispelling some myths, exploring the facts about grooming, "bad" behavior, body language and much more. Just about everything you've ever wanted to know about your cat will be covered here.   Because a well-cared for cat not only makes you a better human being, it makes you a true CatFriend.  And who doesn't want that?

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