Cats vs Dogs
The Real Story

Forget the movie. It was a stupid movie anyway, depicting cats as ugly and evil and dogs as cute and heroic. Well, we know what kind of people wrote that  movie....stupid  people!

So listen up, no stupid people allowed here at "Cat Knows!"   Cat is here to clue you in and the plain truth of the matter is this:   of all the animals known to man, none has been regarded with as much fascination as the cat. The cat's quiet grace, mysterious wisdom, intelligence and perpetual playfulness are always a joy to intelligent humans.

Cats are excellent at controlling their emotions, far better than humans...or dogs. We are more agile than dogs or any other domestic animal for that matter.  We are self-sufficient, poised, independent, curious, quiet and exceptionally well built, with parts that wear out only with old age.

Yet for all our sterling qualities, we are frequently misunderstood. We are, by nature, quite different from dogs and also from humans.  You see dogs, like humans, are pack animals. Both humans and dogs have developed a reliance upon and enjoyment of the companionship of their own kind. In the process of doing so, a dynamic range of welcoming, or "come closer' body language has evolved. Humans smile and wave; dogs look alert, drop their ears back and wag their tails.  I'm reminded of the old joke, "dogs come when they're called; cats take a message and get back to you later."  There's a lot of truth to the joke...we love you humans, but we refuse to be "owned."

It's important to understand that cats come from a far different beginning. Cats evolved, or to be more accurate, are in the process of evolving, from solitary hunters to a more sociabLe species. Did you know?   Cats moved into human society later than any other domesticated animal!   Three thousand years ago, cats began colonizing the world. Merchants brought them from northern Africa to Europe and Asia. Cats were initially introduced to Japan around A.D. 1000, although it was another 500 years before they reached the Americas. The only cats to survive were those able to cope with the demands of a new environment. The cat in your home, like all of us here at The Cat Co., is probably a descendant of the North African wild cat, and retains instincts and behaviors similar to his (or hers!) wild cousins.

Domestic cats are divided into two main groups. "Pet" cats live with human company. Usually raised and nurtured by humans, they are content to live in human homes and share their food and affection. In fact, for cats, humans often make better companions than other cats!   Feral cats are domestic cats born in the wild and raised outside human communities. The only difference between feral and "pet" cats is in their upbringing. If a cat is denied human contact during the important first seven weeks of life, the cat will always remain timid and fearful of humans. Early contact with humans is essential!

And there's been plenty of human contact going on lately. Suddenly, cats have become popular pets...already more popular than dogs!   In the United States alone, there are more than 75 million cats...add the estimated millions in Russia, Europe, Africa, Asia and the rest of the Americas, and there are more than 300 million domestic cats! They are the most successful feline that has ever existed.

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